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A3 Watching a Program

A3.  (all) Watching a Program:   You may watch one of the following.

·         (2+)     Television Program in SPANISH.  Spanish satellite or Univision (channel 99.) Watch a program for at least one hour in Spanish. Shows in English with Spanish subtitles or English shows dubbed in Spanish do not count.

·         (all)    Culturally Authentic Movie.  Your movie must be culturally relevant! American-made movies dubbed in Spanish (i.e. The Lion King/El Rey León) are not acceptable!!  Ask your teacher for movie suggestions.

(all)    Informational program or video in either Spanish or English.  Watch a program (PBS, Discovery, History, or National Geographic channel) or an informational video from the HHS Media Center on a topic or theme related to a Hispanic/Latino person, given group of people, or culture/country.  The program/video must be at least one hour in length.  Complete form A3.

Movies available in our Media Center

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