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D7 Dine at Authentic Spanish/Hispanic Restaurant

D7.  (All levels)  Dine at an authentic Spanish/Mexican/Puerto Rican, etc. restaurant.                                                            

Before selecting this experience, please discuss the cost of meal/transportation with a parent before choosing this option.

We define authentic as a restaurant where Hispanic or Spanish people would dine if they wanted traditional food from their region.  Many of these restaurants are owned and run by families who are from the specific region. Please note the following list of authentic restaurants on the back of this form. It is best to choose one of these!  Only Spanish 1 students may eat in Hastings / Cottage Grove  i.e. Las Margaritas. Spanish 2, H2, 3, H3, and 4 students must eat out of town. They may NOT eat in Hastings nor Cottage Grove.  Get out of the local area and try something new!! You may not receive credit if you go to a restaurant not on this list, unless otherwise approved.  If you go to a restaurant while on vacation, please remember the definition of “authentic”.  Many restaurants in tourist areas are NOT.  You may turn it in for credit at your own risk.  Please include pictures, a menu, etc. to support its authenticity.   

Get Acrobat Reader  D7 Dine 2016-2017  
Get Acrobat Reader  Approved Restaurant List 2016-17.pdf