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Spanish First Year I / II (0660 / 0661)

Spanish – First Year I/II    0660/0661

Credits: 2 Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12Prerequisite: None, NCAA approved

This first phase of Spanish language learning exposes students to many aspects of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will become acquainted with the cultures and geography of Spanish speaking countries and more. They will work on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through a series of thematic units entitled Friendship, School, Sports and Leisure Activities, Food, Family, Leisure and Vacation, Home, Community, and Restaurants. Using the textbook Realidades 1 by Pearson Education 2008®, this course will explore nine themes during three-week cycles. Practice will continue outside of class by using the textbook online with its companion www.pearsonrealize.com  Spanish-First Year I/II also uses pair and group activities to make the language learning process communicative. Students successfully completing this course become eligible to participate in travel programs offered by ISD #200. Those students earning a B+ grade point average or higher will be eligible to continue their study of Spanish in the Spanish Honors Program.

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