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French First Year I/II (0640 / 0641)
One of my favorite places in Paris with a lifesize Statue of Liberty

Credits: 2

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: None 

NCAA approved

Bienvenue or Welcome to French- First Year. Taking French will expand students’ world as they learn a new language and become acquainted with France and the many Francophone countries across the globe. This class focuses  on interactive communication at a basic level about topics including school, family, foods, professions, housing and shopping.  The class uses a variety of authentic materials, such as text, video, audio and online resources to expose students to French–speaking culture and language. Students are invited to participate in French Club activities to have fun with other French learners while gaining an even greater appreciation and understanding of the Francophone world. It is recommended that students continue their language study in French-Second Year to continue to expand their ability to communicate.

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