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In the fall the Spanish department will offer one opportunity to fund raise.  Those funds may be used to purchase any of the items from the last paragraph.  For every item you sell, 10% of it goes into a general Spanish Club account to help pay for scholarships and many special activities that we offer.  At the end of your Spanish studies, you may only transfer those funds earned from fundraising to a sibling.  In addition, you have only 1st Semester to claim funds left over from a sibling—after that point in time, the funds will be absorbed into the general Spanish club accounts to be used for the benefit of everyone.  Spanish Club Accounts may not be transferred to another club or extra-curricular activity.

Fall Fundraiser 2016
Our Spanish students are once again selling fruit and holiday items.  Sales begin on October 31 and end on November 15th.  Students may earn up to 35% profit for their individual Spanish Club account.  5% of the proceeds are added to the Spanish Club Activities account to support our activities. 

The dollars we raise are the only source of money for the Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society…..ALL students benefit from these clubs and on-going events in and out of the classroom; therefore, all students are encouraged to participate in the fund raiser. Our fall fund raiser has been very successful in the past—we sell fruit and chocolate products. All of the profit (except 5%) goes into the individual student’s account. S/he can use those funds to pay the participation fees for Spanish Club events, to purchase supplemental materials, or to help pay for the trip to Concordia Language Villages or a future departmental trip to a Spanish-speaking country (summer 2018). Five percent (5%) of the profits go into the general Spanish Club fund. The general club fund is used to sponsor many activities which involve all of our students. For example, all students will participate in a “Day of the Dead” celebration and in “Españolathon” week throughout the years