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Honors Spanish Second Year (0672 / 0673)

Credits: 2

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

Prerequisite: Spanish-First Year I/II (with a cumulative grade of a B+ or better) or teacher recommendation.  Application available online). Students must maintain a C grade point average or higher to remain in the Honors Spanish Program.  NCAA approved

Honors Spanish-Second Year is designed to meet the unique needs of the accelerated learner who desires less repetition of material, a broader range of language experiences, a greater challenge to develop a higher language level and is intent on continuing his/her studies on a more advanced level and wants an expanded preparation for college level requirements.  Students will work in thematic units in the content areas of Family and Friends, The Neighborhood, Towns and Cities, Fitness, and Daily Life to develop the ability to use the Spanish language in oral and written form.  Units will focus on Hispanic lifestyle here in the United States as well as the other Spanish Speaking countries. Through this course of study, learners will encounter the necessary vocabulary and grammar structures to reflect on their own lives and gain awareness of teens in the Spanish speaking cultures. This course will use the textbook Exprésate 2 by Holt, Rinehart & Winston 2008®.  Practice continues outside class by using the book online and its online companion web site. Classroom activities are conducted almost entirely in Spanish. Students successfully completing this course are eligible to participate in travel programs offered by ISD #200.

Get Acrobat Reader  Honors Spanish 2 Course Overview  
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