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Mathematics - HHS
Math Department Photo 2016
Back row: Paul Olson, Dana Strain, and Tom Fritze; Middle row: Anne Borgmann, Cindy Oppold, Laura Zabel, and Brittany Glatt; Front row: Nikki Peterson, Patty McNamara, and Adam Welch
  Mathematics Department
Anne Borgmann
Tom Fritze (Web Page)
Brittany Glatt
Patty McNamara (Web Page) 
Paul Olson  (Web Page)
Math Sequence Flow Chart
Flow Chart of Math Sequences
(Web Page)

Nikki Peterson (Web Page)
Dana Strain
Laura Zabel  (Web Page)
Adam Welch (Web Page)

 Online Item Sampler   Item Sampler for the Grade 11 MCA Math Test
 Tutorial for MCA TEST   Tutorial describing how to use online tools
Get Acrobat Reader  MCA II Review - Item Sampler from MDE site.pdf  
MCA II Item Sampler from the Department of Education
 Hastings High School Math Resources.docx  
Helpful resources available to all students.


Textbook Links


Students can access their math textbooks online or check out a CD from the Media Center. In addition to the textbook, students can find homework help, sample problems, practice quizzes, and more online or on the CD. Students will need to use the login and password information that they received from their teachers to access the online resources.

Click the links below for access to the online textbooks.

Holt Online Learning  

Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts Online (Pre-Calculus)

Math Survey Textbook
        Math XL for School

Houghton Mifflin Calculus Resources

ALC/Summer School Program

MCA II Practice
MCA II Practice Tests are available from the Department of Minnesota Website.  There is an Adobe Reader version available from this webpage.  Look down below the teachers' names and you will find the link.