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Spanish Courses

Spanish-First Year I/II is offered to students interested in building a foundation in the Spanish language. After completing the first-year course, students may continue a second year of study in Spanish-Second Year. Students seeking greater acceleration can apply for the Honors Spanish-Second Year Program. Students may opt to enter (upon completion of an application) or exit the Honors Program at the end of a semester or school year. After two years of study, students have two options: (1) to continue with Spanish-Third Year I/II, or (2) to move to Honors Spanish-Third Year. Our fourth year sequence offers Spanish IV, or College Spanish IV (concurrent enrollment with Southwest Minnesota State University).  The final course in our five year program is Spanish V (this course will accommodate students from both or regular program along with our College Program). 

For the most part, classroom lectures and activities for each of the following classes are conducted in the Spanish language.