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Spanish Fifth Year 0678/0679

Spanish Fifth Year
2 credits
Grade: 12

Prerequisite: Spanish-Fourth Year, Honors Spanish-Fourth Year or teacher recommendation. Minimum of a “C” letter grade in their Spanish Fourth Year Class

NCAA approved

Spanish Fifth Year is the final class in our five year Spanish sequence.  Students enrolling in this course are expected to have a high level of motivation and ability in speaking, reading, writing and listening in Spanish. This course will help students grow in their proficiency, specifically their command of written and spoken Spanish.  Students will prepare for their college placement exams with a year-long review of grammatical topics.  Through a topic based approach students will learn about current events at the local, national, and international level by exploring the themes of Water, Health, Energy and Food.  This course will be heavily dependent on authentic resources and will require the use of technology in the researching, delivery and presenting on given themes.  Students who have completed the four-year sequence and who are college-bound are encouraged to take this course to strengthen their proficiency in Spanish and to learn more about their global community.

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