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Summer Technology Re-Boot Camp 2011
Teaching Beyond the Classroom Walls

One of the sessions of this summer's technology training is focused on Teaching Beyond the Classroom Walls. Here is an example of a presentation that might help focus the topic. And, it is an example of using SlideShare which is a great online tool for finding, sharing, and collaborating on presentations.

How Does the 21st Century Teacher Help the Networked Student Learn?

View more presentations from tuchodi

Setting up a blog using Google's Blogger is another option for sharing great information with your students and giving them a chance to engage with you and with each other online. I'm not a regular blogger, but if I had more time (and could find an audience beyond myself ;-) I would give it a more concerted effort: Lifelong Learner.

Here is a link to Cool Tools for Schools to help you begin your exploration for some other great tools to expand your classroom beyond its walls!

A Few Tools to Demo

Professional Learning Networks

FREE Resources for Teaching Beyond the Classroom Walls

Cool Online Classroom Projects