NHS Projects

Fundraisers (Fall and Spring)
  • All NHS members are required to participate in the NHS fundraisers (2 bake sales).
  • The Hastings Chapter of NHS receives no budget dollars from the district.  We are entirely self-sufficient and are therefore dependent on fund-raising revenues. 
  • Costs incurred for NHS include certificates and pins for new members, prizes given to students in food drives, additional donations to local charities and the NHS scholarship.

Halloween Food Drive (October)

  • All NHS Members are required to participate in the NHS Halloween Trick-or-Treat Food Drive. 
  • A committee maps out the town and creates zones for NHS members to trick-or-treat for non-perishable food items. 
  • The food is donated to Hastings Family Services.

 American Red Cross Blood Drive (early November)

  • Although a major NHS project, participation is not required for NHS membership.
  • The Blood Drive is done in cooperation with The American Red Cross.
  • NHS students set the date, arrange the location, promote the program, and run the actual blood drive.

Gillette Walk-a-thon (May)

  • All NHS members are required to participate in the NHS Gillette Walk-a-thon and will be required to raise a minimum dollar amount set by the NHS officers and advisors.
  • One of our primary beneficiaries is Gillette Children’s Hospital.  The Hastings chapter of NHS has a long standing relationship with Gillette (1989).
  • The past few years NHS members raised over $20,000 each year for Gillette Children’s hospital through our Walk-a-Thon.

Service Hours (throughout the year)

  • Service hours are volunteer work hours. 
  • These hours do not include participation in the Halloween Food Drive or the Gillette Walk-a-Thon.
  • Students can volunteer for any organization they choose in order to complete the service hour requirements.  You cannot be compensated for service hour work.  The hours cannot meet the requirements for participation in another organization (i.e. church groups or Spanish Honor Society).
Students will be required to document their service hours on service credit slips available on this website.