PROM 2017~ Saturday, May 20!

Important Information

1.  Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, April 26 during lunch. Students wanting to purchase a prom ticket should bring $35 or $40 (if you are an Excel member bring $35 for you and your date or $40 if you are not) to lunch on that day. If you do not purchase prom tickets that day, the next time prom tickets will be available to purchase will be Monday, May 1, after school at the student office window.

2.  All prom couples–student names are posted on the window outside the student office. Please check your name for the correct spelling before the Prom Program goes to print on May 17, 3pm.

3.  Prom tickets will be sold until Friday, May 19, 2017. HOWEVER if you wait too long – you will NOT be in the Prom Program as that has to go to printing.

4.  All prom couples need to park in the student parking lot for Grand March and enter through the student entrance. Lineup will begin at 3:30 in the auditorium.

5.  All prom couples need to park in the student parking lot for the dance and enter through the student entrance.

6.  The dance is from 9pm – midnight. Free pop, water, snacks, smore’s and a coffee bar will be provided.


HAVE FUN; prom is one of the biggest events kids remember from high school and BE SAFE; positive choices that you & I can live with!

How to survive prom and keep safe

Prom Guest Form
In order to attend Prom at Hastings High School, non-Hastings High School students must have this form completed by their high school administrator.