Donor's Corner



December 19th

Please complete Donor Form on-line or paper copy and return
  Students may start the Local Scholarship application
January 17th Deadline for student applications
Jan 30th - Apr 7th Donors make their selections

(you will receive a schedule mid- January)

 May 22nd Awards night ceremony


1. Donors will be scheduled to review applications based upon the amount of their awards. The largest scholarship donor selects a recipient first. That student’s application is then removed from the list, and the committee for the next largest scholarship reviews the remaining applicants to choose their recipient. That application is then removed and it goes on to the next largest donor, etc.

2. Changes in the dollar amount to be awarded must be made prior to the beginning of the selection process. We insist on this because if increases occur during the selection process, student applications that were removed for a smaller scholarship are denied the opportunity for the larger amount.


1. Donors, or designated committees, review the student applications in person or online during their assigned time frame. It’s imperative that your decision is made with-in that time to keep the process moving and allows me to proceed to the next donor. I am on a very tight schedule and want to be respectful of everyone’s time.

2. Donors, or designee(s), complete the scholarship award form or email indicating the I.D. # of the selected recipient(s) and alternate(s). Mrs. Colvin will let you know the name of the recipient after you have made your decision. Donors are asked not to reveal the name of their recipient until Awards Night. Donors are also asked not to mention the amount of their scholarship at Awards Night.

3. School officials compile a list of recipients for notification to attend Awards Night.

4. School officials compile a list of recipients for inclusion in the program and the preparation of framed award certificates.


1. Students are eligible to apply for the local scholarships in their senior year of high school. To be eligible to apply for Hastings Local Scholarship program students must obtain a Hastings High School diploma by June of their graduating year.

2. Donors determine specific criteria for their particular scholarship(s). The criteria will be established prior to the selection process, and a copy of it is kept on file in the Career Center. The criteria may be reviewed and altered annually.


  1. Donors determine how and when the winning student will be given their scholarship.Many donors ask the student to send a copy of their first report card to verify attendance.Upon receipt of the report card, a check is sent to the student in the amount of the award by the donor.

  2. OR Donors choose to give a check to the student at Awards Night.

  3. OR Donors may choose to send the funds to the district office to have deposited into the designated scholarship account. The student would request their award through the Career Center.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns. The Local Scholarship Program is an amazing opportunity for students. I am always looking for new and better ways to help serve you and the students in this process.

Thank you for your continued generosity!

Lynn Colvin