Schedule and Attendance

Grading During Covid-19 Update - 5/21/2020

Please see Policy( and Flow Chart ( ) for detailed information.

  • Students and teachers will continue to learn and teach, and submit and grade student work in an A, B, C, D, No Credit (NC) format for the remainder of the school year.
  • At the end of the semester if the student is passing the class - students and families will be given a choice for each course for the letter grade (A-D) or a Pass (P).
  • At the end of the semester if the student is not passing the class, the students will be given an NC.
  • Grades of A-D “count” towards a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) – these grades may raise or lower a GPA.
  • Grades of P and NC do not “count” towards a student’s GPA – they do not raise or lower a GPA. The direction we have been given from colleges is that P’s will be fully accepted.
  • Teachers will post to class Schoology pages how and when students should communicate their grade choice.
Daily Schedule - 

To best ensure equitable access for students to teachers and to help support a healthy balance in this time of change, the high school will now have an A/B day schedule for dedicated class time teachers will be available. Teachers will have plan time each morning from 7:30-10am to work with other teachers, grade, and answer parent/student communication. Each day by 10:00 am, teachers will post an assignment or update on what the student should be doing on the course Schoology page. From 10am-3pm we will rotate through the 7 class periods over 2 days. 


Day A

Day B


Department/Course Collaboration


Teacher Plan Time

Assignments posted by 10:00am


1st Hour Class

5th Hour Class


2nd Hour Class

6th Hour Class


Lunch/Social Connecting


3rd Hour Class

7th Hour Class


4th Hour Class

Office Hours



During our schedule rotation, teachers may plan a short Math video lesson for how to do problems, it may be a time to get global language conversation, it might just be "office hours" to answer questions based on videos/assignments teachers had previously posted. This is dedicated time for that hour, so that each teacher/section gets equal access to kids to run activities should they want to. 


We understand that not every student will be able to “attend” class during the scheduled hour. We know families may lack internet access, or multiple family members are using the same device. Some older students may be asked to help care for younger siblings. Please communicate with your teacher if you have special considerations. 


When communicating with teachers please allow for a 24 hour time period turnaround on communication. Understand that throughout the day teachers will be pulled in multiple directions. They will have their morning planning hours as time for them to reach out to students and families.


We will be posting weekly calendar templates on Schoology for students to make copies of to help aid in their daily assignment and task planning efforts.


Attendance - 

**UPDATE 4/2/2020** Beginning Monday, April 6, daily attendance calls to update student status will begin. If your student has not checked in for 1st period on an A day or 5th period on a B day by 3:30pm their teacher will report them as absent. Around 3:45pm, the daily automated message will notify parents/guardians of this daily absence. Please use this call as a reminder for your student to answer the attendance question on Schoology if they attended school or to call the attendance office at (651)480-7477 to report your student's absence for an excused reason. ****
To help simplify the attendance procedure we will be switching to daily attendance vs per hour. 

Students are expected to attend school each day. If your student is sick, on vacation, or unable to attend school at all during the day YOU SHOULD STILL REPORT THEM AS ABSENT like normal. Call the attendance line at (651) 480-7477 and leave a message. 

Attendance will be recorded by 1st hour teachers on A Days and 5th Hour teachers on B Days. If a student has study hall during 1st or 5th hour, a Schoology page has been created for that class and they check in for attendance there.

Each teacher will post specific instructions to students of their 1st and 5th hour classes for how they will take attendance. Most will have a question that students answer to show they were present. Teachers will record attendance by 3:30pm each day, the following day by 10am they will report additional students who checked in “after hours”.

If a student does not engage with course content over a period of days, a staff member or principal will reach out to the family to check on the student.