HHS Writing Center

HHS Writing Center Coaches Present at Local Conference
Posted on 05/01/2018

In its first year, the Hastings High School Writing Center is proud to announce that a group of student writing coaches presented at a local conference. These students, led by Megan Blaha and Madeline McCabe, prepared a presentation proposal that was submitted to the Minnesota Secondary Writing Centers Summit and accepted. Per their proposal, these students lead a round table discussion on several current topics and writing center best practices including: events, publicity, work in classrooms, mission and vision, as well as coach recruitment, training, and personal growth. The panel hoped to host a collaborative discussion between different writing center programs, where coaches and advisers can talk about a variety of methods used to start a writing center, recruit writing coaches, and execute promotion ideas. The panel felt that the success of the presentation far exceeded this goal.     

The conference was sponsored by the Minnesota E-12 Writing Center Collective. This organization was created by the Center for Writing at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Writing Project as a means to support, inspire, and foster community in secondary (predominately middle and high schools) educational settings. Its goal is to "give support, inspiration, and community to those who are starting, sustaining, or just dreaming about writing centers in E-12 settings" (E-12 Collective Website). Hastings High School has joined this vibrant secondary writing center community in efforts to improve this student service at our school. 

This year's inaugural summit was held mid-April at Shattuck St. Mary's School in Faribault, MN.