Film Studies
We're thrilled to be offering this semester long elective in the English Department.  This course consists of learning about film by studying its history, terminology, and industry through reading, discussing, and watching several major motion pictures. Students will be required to watch some films outside of the class.  Major projects include presenting various papers, and at least one speech on related topics. Other projects have several creative options for students to explore film.

This semester, we will be taking a historical approach to film studies beginning in 1895 and through the next 100 years of film making. With a century of film to cover, you can expect to work hard every day in this academically challenging course.

For class you will need:
  • 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper
  • pen/pencil
  • highlighter
  • Flash drive



**Shot by shot analysis will be due on October 31st. We will have the computer lab from 10/22 - 10/28 to work on it. Be sure to come in with your DVD and know the scene you plan on analyzing. 

**Opening two paragraphs of the shot-by-shot analysis must be submitted through  You will need the class ID and password written on the board in our classroom. These paragraphs are also due on 10/31, but can be turned in early...(hint...hint).

***Unit exam will be Thursday, October 9th on the materials presented in class so far including history of film, the art of film making and on the film genres.

***The response to Modern Times is due on Wednesday, October 8th. 

 Wat's Pig   "Wat's Pig" - a short film by Peter Lord and Nick Park
 Modern Times   You're in luck! You can see the film in its entirety here!
"Wat's Pig" viewing sheet
Get Acrobat Reader  Shot-by-shot_analysis_GS.pdf  
Example of a complete shot-by-shot project
Get Acrobat Reader  shotbyshot-analysis_student_example.pdf  
Layout shots with description and analysis
Download this word doc and save it in your files to get started on your shot by shot.
Get Acrobat Reader  Modern_Times_response.pdf  
Get Acrobat Reader  Film_Terms_F15.pdf  

Great film sites on the Web
This site is devoted entirely to sound in film. It's organized by film title.

Tony Zhou's site - Amazing stuff here

Link to

90-Second Newbery Film Festival: Minnesota  Here's your chance to submit your own film. Click here for more information:

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