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Carlos Jacobsen, Sole Burgess, Madame Petersen, Rosita Nielsen, Paz O'Brien, Monsieur Letourneau, Blanca Davis
Carlos Jacobsen, Sole Burgess, Madame Petersen, Rosita Nielsen, Paz O'Brien, Monsieur Letourneau, Blanca Davis

District 200 Global Languages Department Mission Statement

Communication is at the heart of the human experience.  To communicate successfully in a global society, we must be linguistically and culturally equipped.  Believing that each of us is an integral part of a world community, the Hastings Global Languages Department is committed to increasing student competence in other languages. 

The five goal areas of the Standards establish an inextricable link between communication and culture, which is applied in making connections and comparisons and in using this competence to be part of local and global communities.

Goal Area


At HHS, we will


Communicate with people in other cultures in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes

Increase the learners’ communication skills


Promote proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing of Spanish and cultural awareness.



Develop insight into one’s own language and culture as well as those of the culture studied

Use the language to investigate, explain and reflect on the practices, products and perspectives of the cultures studied



Act with greater awareness of self, of other cultures, and of one’s own relationship to those cultures


Develop the learners’ skill of critical thinking as we investigate, explain and reflect


Promote collaborative learning



Look beyond one’s customary borders


Build, reinforce and expand knowledge of other disciplines


Foster a sense of humanity and friendship


Develop assets to the learners’ post-secondary study, professional development and career opportunities



Use the language within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in our community and the globalized world


Prepare the learners to become citizens at local, national and international levels



 "World-Readiness" focuses on the real-world applications of the language.  Learners who add another language and culture to their preparation are not only college- and career-ready, but are also "world-ready" - that is, prepared to add the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to their resumes for entering postsecondary study or a career.

(From ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages)








Why Learn Another Language?

“Today, a world-class education means learning to speak, read and write languages in addition to English. In an interconnected, interdependent global economy, we must prepare our children for a future in which their social and economic success will depend on their ability to understand diverse perspectives and communicate with people from other cultures and language groups. This isn’t a matter of getting ahead—it’s a matter of catching up.

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education

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