Local Scholarship Program- Seniors Only

Hastings High School is fortunate to have such a generous community. Well over 100 scholarships are given out to Hastings graduates each spring. The funds for this amazing program are provided by local businesses, families, organizations, and Hastings High School staff. Awards range from $250 to several thousand dollars (given over 4 years), with the median being $1,500. 

Each year in December, the Local Scholarship application is open and ready for students to apply. They are given roughly 4 weeks to complete this application, including one week of Winter Break. Every student who plans to attend a college, community college or technical school is encouraged to apply.

Each donor has their own set of criteria they look for in a student. Examples of donor criteria may be one or more of the following: volunteer work, athletics, extra-curricular activities, performing arts, major or degree, GPA, and organization affiliation.  In many cases, the student's essay is what really makes or breaks their application regardless of GPA.  

If you or your organization would like to become a donor, please contact me for more information or simply fill out this form.


Lynn Colvin