Current Students



Fee: $5.00 per transcript. Credit or debit card using PaySchools only please.

  1. Log on to Naviance Student -
  • Where you see “email” enter your Infinite Campus username, NOT your full email address

  • Your Infinite Campus username is your “grad yearfirst name.last name” (e.g.19Jane.Smith)

  • Where you see “password”, put in your 6 digit student ID# (your lunch number)

  1. Select the Colleges tab.

  2. Click Colleges I’m Applying To.

  3. Click “+” in the top right (pink button).

  4. Search for / select your college using the drop down. (You can search for “NCAA Eligibility Center,” too).

  5. REQUIRED: Under “I’ll submit my application” please choose “direct to the institution” or “via Common App” if given the option to indicate how you applied to the college. Transcripts cannot be delivered without completing this step!

  6. Click Add and request transcript.

  7. Select Initial.

  8. Click Request and finish.

  9. Add additional colleges if needed.

  10. Please log on to PaySchools to pay the transcript fee.

  11. There is one $5 fee for each college. However, if applying via the Common Application, you only need to pay one fee for all of the Common App colleges.

  12. Transcripts will not be delivered until the fees are paid.


CURRENT STUDENTS: How to order your transcript.