Current Students

Are you a CURRENT Hastings High School student?

Then you are in the right place!

Follow the steps below to order a transcript for your college


To request an official transcript from Hastings High School:

  1. Log on to Family Connection
  2. Select Colleges tab
  3. Click Colleges I’m Applying To
  4. Click Add Colleges to This List
  5. Add all of the colleges you are applying to (click Lookup)
  6. Check the boxes under I Have Submitted My Application & Transcript
  7. Indicate if you are applying Directly to the Institution or Common App
  8. Click at the bottom Update my Applications
  9. Click Home (upper left side of screen)
  10. Click Transcript Fees* (left side under Links)
  11. Click Add to Cart
  12. Click Checkout
  13. Create an account
  14. Pay

You are done!

*You must pay $5 for each transcript before it will be sent.
**Federal law (Buckley Amendment, Section 99.31) states that a written consent is not required for release of educational records to another educational institution.

CURRENT STUDENTS: How to order your transcript.

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