Final Transcripts for current seniors

What is a final transcript?

A final transcript is just that - a transcript. What makes this one different from the transcript you submitted when you applied to college is that it includes your senior year course grades and your graduation date.

Why do I need to order a final transcript?

Colleges and universities do not finalize your admission or financial aid until they receive your official final transcript.

How do I order a final transcript?

When you were applying to college, you ordered a transcript through Family Connection.

A final transcript is NOT ordered through Family Connection. Instead, you will complete a final transcript order form (see below).

You will need to fill out the form, get a parent signature if you are under 18 years old, and attach $5.00 cash or check (made out to HHS).

When do I order a final transcript?

Counselors are distributing the forms to seniors in their social studies classes on May 15th. They are then meeting with the students on May 19th to collect the forms and payment. Students who are absent or who are not in a social studies class 2nd semester can print the form (see below) and bring the form and payment to the Career Center.

This is the final step in the college application process and it is a CRUCIAL one. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact the counseling office @ 651-480-7489.

*Please note – final transcripts are not sent out until mid-July. This is how long it takes to process final grades, print transcripts, and mail them out. This timeline is not unique to our high school. You may get emails from colleges telling you that they need the transcripts earlier. This is not possible and the colleges are aware of this. You will simply need to tell the college that final transcripts will be issued in mid-July.