2024 Summer School

Hastings High School Summer School 2024

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Summer School General Information

Dates: June 11th - June 28th (Monday-Friday)

Times: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: Hastings High School

Learning Model: In person* Monday-Friday - Transportation is not provided.

Contact Mindy Tavernier, summer school coordinator. 
Email:[email protected]


This summer students will have the opportunity to make up credits in summer school using an in-person learning format with Edgenuity courses. Students will need to take one course at a time but can work at their own pace to finish each course. There is no limit to how many credits a student can earn in summer school this year. Once students pass a course they will be moved to the next course that they need to take. Our goal is to provide the support, flexibility, and resources to help students recover credits at their own pace.

Registration Information


If you are interested in summer school at Hastings High School this year, please complete this google form. This google form will be sent to HHS counselors, who will register students for the classes they need to take.

Click here for registration google form

All students earning credit through summer school need to also complete a continuous learning plan (CLP) form. Please complete the attached CLP form to the best of your ability and return it to [email protected] or complete onsite during summer school.

Click here to access the CLP form

Course Offerings

A - First semester course
B - Second semester course


Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Algebra 2A
Algebra 2B
Geometry 1A
Geometry 1B


Physics 9
Chemistry 9
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
Biology A
Biology B

Social Studies

Civics 9A
Civics 9B
World Studies 10A
World Studies 10B
American History 11A
American History 11B
Economics 12
Senior Elective 12 


English 9A
English 9B
English 10A
English 10B
English 11A
English 11B
English 12A
English 12B
Senior Elective 12

Health and Human Performance

Health 9
Human Performance 9
Health 10
Human Performance 10



Contact the 2024 summer school coordinator, Mindy Tavernier, [email protected]


Edgenuity Help

Edgenuity student log-in:
Username: grad yearfirst last name (don't include @isd200.org)
Password: Capital first initial, last initial, student ID #

Username: 21jane.smith
Password: Js123456

Student orientation video:

Click here to watch a help video for finding and using Edgenuity, our learning platform for summer school.


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