HHP Course Offerings

Sparq- This is a very challenging fitness class many students from 9th - 12th grade can take each semester to build their knowledge as well as their physical, mental and emotional health. Kids learn a lot about grit and having a positive mental attitude in this class. 

Fit - This fitness class is designed for mostly females to join. When designed, female students had a loud voice in its development. Their involvement allowed us to design a class that fit their needs which was to exercise at the end      of the school day so they did not have to shower, get a great workout, be in a quiet and safe place so they would not be observed by many people.  

Lift - This class is designed for the student who wants to spend more time lifting weights and doing less cardiovascular workouts, such as long distance running, sprints etc. They wanted to have workouts in the weight room which would focus more days on strength and power. They still learn how to develop the other body's energy systems but they learn them within a different style of programming. 

Competitive and Lifetime Sports Class (C & L)- This class was designed for upperclassmen mostly so they had a place to channel their energy during the school day. It is designed for students who want to have fun playing a variety of team and individual sports. Students learn how this type of movement allows the development of positive thinking and energy. Both things that are needed for students to take advantage of their potential in the classroom each day.