Cynthia Benson
Chris Beumer, Co-Department Chair
Jason Koch     
Isaac Schmidt
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Mike Versland 
Emily Hovseth

Christian Waage
Kurt Zabel  Co-Department Chair

The Science Department’s goals are as follows:
  • Help students develop a positive attitude toward science and an awareness of the important role that science plays in today’s society.
  • Help students develop laboratory skills and an appreciation of the limitations of measurement.
  • Help students develop knowledge of science facts.
  • Help students develop a sense of responsibility for their education.
  • Encourage students who have an aptitude for science to continue in a science career.

All HHS students must earn three years of science credits (6 semester credits) to meet graduation requirements. Students must take and pass Earth Science 9 / Space Science 9 (2 credits), Biology (2 credits), and one year (2 credits) of either Chemistry or Physics. Students participating in the Accelerated Science program agree to four years of science including Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Physics or AP Physics, plus one additional year of an elective science course.

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