College Visits



When should I visit a campus?

If there is a “high season” for campus visits, it would be late spring and summer. June-August is when most students have the time to visit colleges. The advantage to going during the school year is you will see what the campus looks like when all of the students are present. Several students will do their initial tour over the summer and then plan second visits in the fall of their senior year.

A great weekend to tour a college is during the Education Minnesota Professional Conference (students do not have school) in mid October. A lot of universities have special events planned on that weekend. This will allow you to visit colleges without having to miss school.

How do you arrange a visit?

Arranging a campus visit is a snap. All you need to do is go to the university website, head to the “admission” page and look for a “visit campus” link. You can schedule most visits online. Ms. Geib has a list of schools that have notified us of campus events. Stop by the Career Center for details. Be sure to reference the “College Visit Questions” (below) when on your tour!



Throughout the fall and winter, Ms. Geib arranges to have numerous college representatives visit HHS. Getting a pass to meet with a college representative is a breeze. Stop by the Career Center and 
Ms. Geib will give you a pass. It’s as easy as that! We strongly encourage students meet with representatives for any colleges they are considering.


Campus Tour
Are all students assigned academic advisors? What is their role?

Are there parallel supports available for students with learning disabilities (504 or IEP)?

How can those supports be accessed and is documentation from the high school required?

Are there resources to help students access internship opportunities?

Are there tutoring services available to students?

How does the college help graduates find jobs?

How easy is it to get on-campus housing and what are off-campus alternatives?

How easy is it to get the courses you want at the times that are convenient for you?

How easy is it to switch majors?

How easy it is to switch roommates or dorms?

How will AP credits from high school transfer to the college?

What are the average class sizes?

What is the classroom environment like? Is there much interaction between teacher and students?

What is the retention rate?

What kind of health facilities does the college offer?

What kinds of work opportunities are available to students?

What percentage of your students graduate in 4 years?

What student organizations are on campus?

What tuition increases are planned in the next few years? What has been the average tuition increase in years past?

What type of financial aid packages does the school offer? How does the financial aid process work?