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By leveraging the power of Google’s online, tools, Hastings Apps gives all 4-12 students access to a robust and secure platform for collaboration with their teachers and other students. Specifically, Hastings Apps includes tools for email, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. In this way it functions like an online version of Microsoft Office®. The technology team has carefully configured the system to maximize its use while preserving a secure online environment for students. All emails are scanned for potentially malicious content. As with other technology systems, the best defense is effective supervision of students while they use technology and education for students about safe online practices. Hastings Apps provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss digital citizenship with our students and provides them with an opportunity to begin developing their “professional” digital footprint.

    If you are experiencing difficulty with your HastingsApps Account verify the following settings.

    1. Log out and log back in.
    2. Verify that you are using the correct domain. @hastingsapps.org
    3. If you still are having difficulty contact HastingsApps Support: [email protected]

    If you need to include symbols in your GoogleDoc, refer to this link.

    Google enables users to download all of their data for backup or to transfer to another  account, including a personal gmail account. If you are leaving or graduating from Hastings Public Schools and would like to save your data, Google has a “Takeout” tool
    for this purpose.
    Click Here for Step by Step Instructions

    HastingsApps accounts will be disabled and eventually deleted after students graduate.  Students will receive reminder notifications on May 1, June 1, and September 1 reminding them that their account will be disabled after graduation. On October 1, accounts for students who graduated the previous spring will be disabled. The disabled accounts are then deleted the following July. It is important that graduating seniors back up and/or copy their HastingsApps documents if they wish to retain copies of them by October 1 following graduation. Instructions are listed above for using Google Takeout to efficiently download data into a personal gmail account. If you are a recent graduate and your account was disabled on October 1 before you had a chance to back up your documents, you may request that your account be restored by emailing HastingsApps support at [email protected].  Note that accounts are officially deleted in July (approximately 13 months after graduation) and restores of accounts after that time are no longer possible.