Letters of Recommendation

For a student at Hastings High School to request a teacher recommendation:

1. Log on to Family Connection

2. Click on Colleges tab, then Colleges I am applying to

3. If you are applying to colleges with the Common Application, follow directions on the screen to link your Common Application to Family Connection

4. If you are not using the Common Application, click “Not Needed”

5. Click add to this list and add your colleges to the list

6. Visit Colleges I am applying to again and click I’m not sure yet under “How are you applying?” then indicate whether are applying directly to institution or via common app

7. Click the Colleges tab again

8. Click Letters of recommendation then clickAdd request

9. Answer the questions and click Save

10. Print out resume (see back page for instructions)

11. Complete the request form (below)

12. Give the request form and resume to the teacher

*Teachers and counselors require at least 2 weeks’ notice to write a letter of recommendation.

Creating a resume in Family Connections
For a student at Hastings High School to create a resume:

  1. Log on to Family Connection
  2. Click About Me tab
  3. Click Resume
  4. Click Add New Entry
  5. Build your resume
  6. Click Customize Your Printable Resume
  7. Click Create New Print Format
  8. Give the resume a title, choose a style, and click on each section you want to include in the resume.
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Then you can print!

Letter of Recommendation Form