Peer Helpers

Peer Helpers are students who provide confidential support for those facing challenges. They are dedicated to help students in need of a friend, a listener, support or encouragement. The Peer Helper Program provides a select group of students with accurate information, the skills to help others more effectively and places/resources to turn to when the problem is beyond their ability. Peer Helpers help students to: identify and understand their problem, brainstorm their options, explore options and decide on a course of action, and identify and utilize professional adult resources. This trained group of students is chosen by teachers, counselors and staff. They meet twice a month and attend two training retreats each year.

If you’d like to connect with a peer helper, you can contact them directly through their hastingsapps email, or let your counselor know, and we can connect you!

21-22 application for current 9th graders: opens May 12 and closes May 19.

Advisors: Kim Hoff and Melissa Schill
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