Interested in joining the military?

Check out Family Connections to see when a recruiter will be visiting HHS during your lunch hour.

One-on-one visits with a recruiter will require an appointment. See Mrs. Colvin for details.


Army Nicholas U. Canale IV Staff Sargeant 952-431-5407 -

MN Army National Guard SSG Brandon Blazer 651-775-9461 -

Marines SGT Kyle Carrillo 952-808-2621 -

Navy Sergio Alverez 651-777-8372 -

Air Force Christina Brown 952-882-4906 -

ASVAB Mark Foster 612-725-1785 -


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Selective Services -If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday.